• Preface

    The importance and necessity of considering brand knowledge in our country and necessity for scientific and specialized development of this knowledge amongst active managers and experts, as one of the serious solutions for development, has been of a considerable interest to scientific organizations and institutions.
    In order to create conditions for gathering professors, students, and managers of various developed and developing brands, International Conference of Brand Strategy is held annually so that the latest scientific and specialized achievements in this field be discussed and analyzed.
    After holding the 1st International Brand Strategy Conference based on two principals of collaboration and specialization, on Jan 25 and 26th 2015, attended by and in collaboration with more than 193 organizations, institutions, societies and corporations as aimed to foster cooperation and interaction among prominent scholars, researchers and managers in branding field, as well as to promote collaboration with organizations such as secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council of the System, the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industries and Business as organizations for developing and rehabilitating industries of Iran, Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation, Iran Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization, Food and Drug Organization, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture, Department of Environment, Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, in attendance of over 60 faculty members of 25 Iranian and foreign universities and scientific institutions, and in cooperation with 28 scientific or guild societies, and more than 32 major corporations and commercial institutions and the other concerned organizations and institutions, including speeches delivered by Ms. Dr. Masoumeh Ebtekar, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and Vice President of Iran and the message of Mr. Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, with other attendees such as distinguished international professors and invitees from UK, Spain, France, Colombia, Canada, and Lebanon, and national and international case studies presented, workshops, and specialized panels and lateral exhibitions in the Hall of Islamic Countries Summits, Permanent Secretary of the Conference, while retaining the values and objectives of the first year, feels it its duty to organize the 2nd International Conference of Brand Strategy on 19 and 20th January 2016 with higher precision and quality so as to achieve the goals and plans devised as of the last year.

  • Conference Objectives

    Creating Conditions for:
    • Participation and Interaction of Knowledge Workers, Researchers, Experts, and Managers in Brand and Branding Areas
    • Participation and Interaction of Universities, Public and Private Organizations and Companies, Centers and Institutions, Legislative Bodies, Societies and Associations of Brand Area
    • Introducing National and International Experiences on Brand and Branding
  • Conference Features

    Principle of Being Scientific:
    • Moving path is of a scientific framework and mechanism, and the scientific research and thinking methodology is observed.
    • Members and staff of the administration and management of the conference are appointed from professors, intellectuals and scholars of the national and International universities, industries, and the systems in charge.
    • Qualified papers and presentations are those with a scientific nature and this feature is one of the first principles of paper selection along with integrity and innovation.
    • All the national and international scientific and research capacities will be covered possibly.
    Principle of Collaboration:
    • A considerable population of legal and natural people from Iranian and foreign universities and scientific centers are welcomed in this movement.
    • Many of the governmental, non-governmental and community organizations have actively participated in this movement.
    • Managers, advisors, and experts of the specialized organizations concerned with branding attend as the focal organizations.
    • Governmental institutions and public units of Iran and other countries who can cooperate in any possible way in order to provide the necessary information, expert advices, and also to prepare the administrative arrangements, will collaborate with the conference.
  • Conference Programs

    • Presenting Summary of the First Year Programs
    • Delivering Keynote Speeches by National and International Invitees
    • Election and Introducing the Best Papers
    • Presenting National and International Case Studies
    • Appreciating Supporters of the Conference
    • Election and Introducing the Best Dissertations and Theses
    • Organizing Exhibitions

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